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Kind Words From Parents...

"It has been such a joy and pleasure having you as teachers for our three children. We feel so blessed that God put you in our lives. You really made Effica a unique place of learning, where our children were supported and guided in their daily 'work' and loved as if they were your own. Through your hard work and continued efforts, they learned to write and count as well as some important life lessons like how to treat others with kindness and respect. And they had fun! You have never failed to be patient, kind and loving toward our children. We will be forever grateful and keep you always in our hearts."  - Natalie T.


"I currently have two children attending Effica Montessori, a unique and a standout program. The learning environment is calm, quiet and focused. I had never previously encountered this at a preschool. Students happily take on responsibilities, engage in learning, and follow daily routines, giving them a sense of being a contributing "citizen" and security in their surroundings. The teachers are top-notch. They truly care about the success of the child across all areas - mutual respect between the teacher and child, developing age-appropriate social skills, and learning how to focus their attention on their work. The teachers at Effica are wonderful role models, and the school maintains an excellent student to teacher ratio so these children receive a great deal of one-on-one attention from teachers. Miss Asha's 30+ years of teaching experience are invaluable to any parent who wants to establish a solid foundation for their children for years to come." - Cara B.


"Thank you for all of your kindess, compassion and hard work. Thank you for the safe and wonderful environment that you've created at Effica. Thank you for your welcoming spirit. Most importantly, thank you for loving and teaching our son. We consider ourselves so lucky to have found Effica. Y'all welcomed us with open arms, and I knew the minute we stepped in the doors that we had found the perfect place for our son's education. We are so happy to be part of the Effica family." Margaret S.


"When we visited Effica, I knew it was the right place for our daughter. I did not even visit another school. The summer before, she attended another school's summer camp for a week. It was a difficult experience for her, she cried on and off and left that week with a negative feeling about school. Of course we know how this story ends - she loves school! But that experience really made me appreciate the art of the Effica teachers. I was never worried about her learning letters, numbers, colors, or concepts - although she did. Instead, I was worried about someone being able to handle her emotional needs, to quell her anxieties about school and life experiences, to spark her creativity within the secure boundaries of routine, to help her develop friendships with other kids. The teachers at Effica have done this with skillful artistry. We could not have found a more perfect place for our daughter. Thank you!" Katie D.


"I have seen remarkable changes in our sons. It is a wonderful thing to see them blossom, and such a gift to have two children who love to go to school! I am so grateful for the loving, peaceful space you provide for children to learn and be with one another. The nurturing staff at Effica are beyond excellent with such integrity, love and impeccable communication. I want you to know I am aware of what a priceless gift your school has been for my family." - Mary M.


"I recall how calm I felt entering Effica and how impressed I was with the children's focus on their rug work. Miss Asha and her staff guided my son's education, cultivated his character, developed his fine motor skills and helped him not only build peer relationships but contribute to his community. All the little seeds you planted have grown into a beautiful sweet boy who has a love of learning. How wonderful it has been over the past few years watching him run into your school filled with excitement and to hear over dinner all he had learned that day. An enormous thank you to all of you for your relentless dedication and compassion for teaching." - Sara B.

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