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Our Montessori Philosophy

Dr. Maria Montessori was one of Italy’s first female physicians. Equipped with great intuition and determination, she spent significant time working with young children. Her observations of their development, backed by scientific research and experimentation, gave birth to a revolutionary method of education.  


Today, Dr. Montessori is recognized as one of history’s greatest contributors to education. Her progressive method and innovative theories have become an integral part of preschool and kindergarten programs around the world.


Effica is dedicated to the Montessori Philosophy and Method of education, which nurtures the inner activities of the child and prepares him for life by catering to his individual pace and learning style. Our approach emphasizes respect for the child, freedom of expression, self-education, and training through movement, the senses, and hands-on experiences.


In a beautiful and calm environment and under the gentle guidance of teachers, the child’s spontaneous development of his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual personality is developed.


The child...

The most important period of life is from birth to age 6, during

which a child is most absorbent and has the greatest potential for self-development. Through effortless and subconscious learning, he enriches his mind by establishing memory, the power to understand, and the ability to reason.


The environment...

The child should feel safe, happy, and engaged in his surroundings during the process of self-development. Therefore, it is essential to provide a comfortable and beautiful environment with rich materials that suit the child’s size, needs, and interests.


The teachers...

With a deep knowledge and respect for the child’s self-development, the teacher carefully prepares the environment and serves as a link between the child and his work. Having provided stimulating tasks and gentle guidance, the child is left free to develop and flourish in his own unique way.


Dr. Maria Montessori
Dr. Maria Montessori
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