Nurturing Young Minds

 “The well-being of the adult is intimately connected with the kind of life that he had when he was a child... whatever affects the child affects humanity, for it is in the delicate and secret recesses of his soul that a man's education is accomplished."
- Maria Montessori

A Note From Effica

A child and a lady are strolling through an apple orchard. The child sees a delicious red apple on a tree and asks for it. The lady considers picking the apple and giving it to the child.

She ponders for a moment.

Then, the lady lifts the child higher, lowers the branch from where the apple hangs and lets the child pick the apple. The child is joyous, and says, “I did it! I picked the apple all by myself!”

In the Montessori environment, the goal is to have the child experience this feeling of competence and independence in each task the child accomplishes.

The name “Effica” is derived from the term “self-efficacy” which means “the inner belief that one is capable of accomplishing desired goals.”  Guided by intrinsic motivation, children pursue activities for the mere joy of accomplishing them. The accumulation of such profound experiences provides a solid academic foundation and enhances a child’s love of learning, and of life itself.

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